Netx Version 0.5
An open-source JNLP client
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Under construction.
In Progress...
Improvements since previous version:
  • ...
On todo list:
  • Bug: deadlock condition in resource tracker
  • Bug: unable to load files without a main-class specified
  • Bug: headless not honoroed if install dir not set
  • Bug: external not working on Linux, MacOS X
  • Support versions
  • Check signing to enforce security
  • Show splash screen if splash icon present
  • Improved download indicator
  • Complete JNLP services
Netx 0.5
Major improvements since previous version:
  • Released under LGPL license.
  • Applications/applets run with a separate event queue, look and feel, etc.
  • Native code support.
  • Supports headless mode.
  • Internationalized messaged.
  • Pluggable download/progress indicator.
Other changes:
  • Add a default launch handler.
  • Uses NanoXML instead of TinyXML (Nano is LGPL compatible).
  • Much more detailed info on exceptions (category, summary, description, severity).
  • Does not print exceptions unless -verbose is specified.
  • Replaces Java coffee cup with Netx logo.
  • Reads splash screen icon.
  • Classloading bug fixed, thanks to Werner Bredenkamp.
  • Command-line option for stict parsing of JNLP file.
  • Nicer-looking dialog for choosing cache location.
  • Cleaned up APIs by naming some methods more clearly.
  • Updated contact info, formatting.
  • Some applet audio bugs fixed.
  • Better browser support for Windows (BasicService finds default browser).
  • Added security check to JNLPRuntime methods (checks for 'exit class').
  • Debug mode will deny all permissions to app after call to System.exit.
  • Releases resources for applications that close all windows/threads but never call System.exit.
Netx 0.4.1
Version 0.4.1 fixes a download bug that caused some applications not to run on some systems.

Improvements since previous version:
  • Delegate to original Policy object to run under Web Start
  • Command line switch to set update policy in seconds.
  • Update checks based on a policy (time since last check).
  • Stops threads in an application (before just closed its windows)
  • AWT thread's context classloader set to app's classloader when app window active
  • API to launch app in external copy of netx (javaw must be in path)
  • Launches app if BasicService.showDocument URL ends in .jnlp
  • Basic support for opening web pages with showDocument.
  • Fallback to cached version if update check fails (before just exited)
  • Can stop apps that use JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE mode.
  • New threads should be created in app's ThreadGroup
  • Can tell tracker to start downloading without blocking.
  • Can listen to tracker for completion of downloads
  • Tracker synchronization uses finer grained locking and locks for less time
  • Code started from thread in its own thread group (was in system thread group b/c of bug).
  • Can set default JNLPFile view to a specific os, arch, locale
  • Removed part feature from resource tracker
  • IconDesc picks the best icon not just the first
  • Fixed non-threadsafe code in JNLP services
  • Fixed download progress freaking out bug
Netx 0.3
Main improvement is a cache.

Improvements since previous version:
  • Properly sets parameters, args, and properties
  • Can add parameters, args, and properties to JNLP file from command line before launching
  • Cache checks for new versions with option to disable update checks
  • Proper security permissions for system properties from JNLP file.
  • Codebase defaults to file's location (its directory)
  • Non-resizable applets (is this a good thing??)
  • Added event listener notification for some events (more on way)
  • Better error reporting, prints cause exception if -verbose
  • Launch process improved, especially for background launching.
  • Added an option to run without the secure runtime environment
  • Cleaned up the Boot classes to better indicate the process.
  • Improve JavaDoc, code quality
Netx 0.2
The first stand-alone client.

Improvements since previous version:
  • Removed many debug statements unless -debug option is used.
  • Made implementation private instead of protected or package.
  • Cleaned up Launcher API, esp. for background thread launches.
  • Better support for old-style applets (adds codebase URL to classpath).
  • Stops applet audio clips when the applet is destroyed.
  • Disables applet stub & context methods when applet is destroyed.
  • Improved the command-line messages.
  • No longer caches local files and files in JARs.
  • ... and many others changes
Netx 0.1
This version was part of the Object Component Desktop.