Netx Version 0.5
An open-source JNLP client
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Must be willing to write quality code / docs.
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Under construction.
Running Binary
    double-click .JAR file (must have Java installed)

Command Line:
    java -jar netx.jar [parameters]
    java -classpath netx.jar netx.jnlp.runtime.Boot [parameters]
Usage: java -jar netx.jar [-options] -jnlp location
  -basedir dir          Directory where the cache is kept.
  -jnlp location        Location of JNLP file to launch (url or file).
  -arg arg              Adds an application argument before launching.
  -param name=value     Adds an applet parameter before launching.
  -property name=value  Sets a system property before launching.
  -update seconds       Update check if seconds since last checked.
  -license              Display the GPL license and exit.
  -verbose              Enable verbose output.
  -about                Streamed from the internet.
  -nosecurity           Disables the secure runtime environment.
  -noupdate             Disables checking for updates.
  -headless             Disables download window, other UIs.
  -strict               Enables strict checking of JNLP file format.
  -help                 Print this message and exit.
Library Overview
Under construction...

Will have instructions on use of API in other programs, design, etc.

Basically, create a netx.jnlp.JNLPFile object for the JNLP file and start it using a netx.jnlp.Launcher instance. Use netx.jnlp.runtime.JNLPRuntime to control the overall behavior and options.