Netx Version 0.5
An open-source JNLP client
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If you include netx as part of your application please use one of these logos:

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Netx Screenshots
Netx's default UIs are designed to be very small and simple, but pluggable - netx can run in headless mode without any UI at all or applications can hook in their own UIs.

Click image to launch About window.
(must have Java installed)

Java Start Button
The Java Start Button is a simple JNLP application chooser that resembles the Windows Start Button. It uses netx to download and cache the icons, .jnlp files describing the applications, and the applications themselves.

Click image to launch the Java Start Button.
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Object Component Desktop Screenshots
The Object Component Desktop uses netx as a JNLP engine, taking advantage of netx's ability to run many applets, applications, and code fragments in the same JVM - saving dozens or hundreds of megabytes of memory.

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Other apps using netx...
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Please let us know how you are using netx!